About the Project

designed by Molly Winston                          

This project is part of the 2012 Artist in Communities Program with the Vancouver Park Board in partnership with the Kensington Community Centre Association.


Meet the Artists:

Julia Carr has been involved in the creation of dances in creative spaces such as tidal flats, wetlands, gardens, and living rooms.  She has even explored dance on the vertical surface of tall buildings! A founding member of Body Narratives Collective, Julia is looking forward to moving, dialoguing and playing with Kensington’s community.


Meghan Goodman is a contemporary dance artist and yoga instructor. An active performer, creator and teacher in Vancouver, Meghan is a member of the Body Narratives Collective, a dance-based collective with interdisciplinary focus. Meghan also performs regularly with the Aeriosa Dance Society, expanding her artistic skills and practice through aerial dance.


Maggie Winston is a puppeteer/ community artist who involves individuals and communities to engage collectively in the creation of original puppet performances. Her work has featured at festivals and community centres in Vancouver and abroad. As Artistic Director of Lost & Found Puppet Co., her productions explore human relationships to objects such as stories about lost socks, giant junk monsters, larger-than-life invasive plant species, or grandma’s memories in her recycled quilt. http://lostandfoundpuppetco.com


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